Parshat Vayishlach

What do we learn from this week’s parasha?

From the story of Elifaz, who is the father of Amalek, we learn that Judaism  is not about what brings us pleasure, unless that pleasure comes from doing Avodas Hashem.  Amalek is all about what brings him pleasure, and being number one which is why he try to destroys the Jewish people.  Amalek wants to be on the 50th level of Tumah, yet we know that you cannot exist on that level.  So, how do they get there.  Because those people who convert are the sparks of Elifaz’s righteousness coming out.  When they leave Amalek and convert to Judaism that is when Amalek reaches the 50th level where they no longer exist.

Quoted from a Shiur by Rabbi Zave Rudman
Michlalah, Neve, Aish Hatorah and Maor teacher

What do we learn from Yaakov’s fight with the Yetzer Hara?  The yetzer hara knew that he  was not going to beat Yaakov.  So, he purposely hit him in the groin area which symbolizes children.  Because, in the future he is going to beat his children by taking away the beauty of Judaism.  So, let us all remember that every mitzvah is a beautiful thing, it may be hard, but we are serving Hashem and that is what is important.

Quoted from a shiur by Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein of Ohr Naava


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