Making Judaism Beautiful

So, let us follow-up with last week’s parsha, Vayishlach.  We learn that the yetzer hara tries to take the beauty out of yiddishkeit and sometimes he succeeds. What are some of the ways we see the beauty being diminished?

There is a famous story of a frum man living in the United States, during the early 1900’s.  When it was still a 6 day work week.  Every week he would lose his job for refusing to work on shabbos, now that is a huge mitzvah. Yet, at his shabbos table there was no joy, just worry and complaints about how he was going to feed his family and where he was going to find another job.  Many years later this man want to R’ Moshe Feinstein Ztz”l and said to him I don’t understand I was mesiras nefesh for Shabbos every week, and none of my kids are frum.  R’ Feinstein asked him what was your shabbos table like, did you sing and give over Dvar Torah or did you have a heavy heart and were upset.  The man admitted it was the latter.  R Feinstein said to him that is where you went wrong, all that your children saw, was how miserable keeping shabbos made you.  So they saw no reason to keep it.

Making your Judaism beautiful is a very personal thing; but let us give a few examples.

Tznius can be very hard for young women who want to look their best.  But when she gets dressed with the attitude of I am a princess of Hashem ( bas melech) it can change her whole attitude.  She knows that she has to look pretty, but in a royal manner which does not include showing off her body.

Shabbos, should be more than just reading Jewish magazines, eating and sleeping. While all of that can have its place too.  Shabbos is a gift from Hashem that only the Jewish people get.  It should be filled with Torah and singing zemiros.  It should be a time for introspection.  A time you and your children can appreciate nature by going out for walks and pointing out the flowers etc.

These are just a few ideas to help you make your Judaism more beautiful and meaningful.  Like I said this tends to be a very personal thing as different things speak to different people.


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