What is our job in this world?

Our job as the Jewish nation is to be a light unto the nations. To bring the light of Hashem into this world. How do we do this? By being satisfied with our lot, by being full.  As Yaakov Avinu said to Eisav when Eisav commented on his family. He said Hashem has graced me with everything. He was saying that he was blessed with what he had and did not want more. Therefore, making sure there was no barrier between him and Hashem. According to Rav Wolbe Ztz”l our forefathers experienced a taste of Olam Habah in this world, by constantly being attached to Hashem.

Now this is all very nice and easier said then done. So, here is what I recommend to help us connect to Hashem.

1. Be happy with what you have, and know this is what you need and anything more is a want.

2. Take time out of your day to focus on Hashem and all he has done for you that day.

2a. A great way is to look for Hashgacha Pratis throughout your day.

2b. Or just to talk to Hashem through out your day. Having a hard time getting up in the morning, don’t feel well. Say Hashem “Help me, I want to accomplish so much today for you, but I don’t feel well. Help me get up and start my day.”

I did this recently on Shabbos. My lunch meal started very late for the winter. About 12 and we didn’t finish until about 2. So Seuda Shilishit is in about 2 and half hours, I daven mincha when I get home then go to lay down as I hadn’t slept well the night before due to allergies. About 4:20 I realize that its gotten quiet outside and the sun is setting, that it is time for Seuda shlishit. But, I am still so full from lunch that I don’t feel like getting out of bed. So I say to Hashem “I don’t feel well, but this is a huge mitzvah help me please. He did, when I got out of bed and washed netilat yedayim, I realized I am not very hungry. But, I am hungry enough to wash and have a little bit of bread. So thank you Hashem for helping me accomplish so many more mitzvahs today.

Do you have ideas on how to bring Hashem into this world? Leave us a comment we’re interested in hearing your ideas.


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