Meat after Dairy

Most of us know that we have to wait between eating meat and dairy. But how many of us know the halachas of eating dairy than meat?

Taken from the book Kashrus in the Kitchen Q & A by Rabbi Weisenfeld.

Because the taste of dairy does not stay in your mouth over long period of times and dissolves quickly one is not required to wait to eat meat after having dairy. Yet Chazal has required a few things to be done in order to meat directly after diary.

There are people who have a custom of waiting a set amount of time between diary and meat, if you have such a custom you should continue to follow it.

The procedures as instituted by Chazal;

  • Kinuach- the eating of pareve food to clean the mouth, teeth and palate of any residue
    • One may not use leafy green vegetables, flour or dates for this purpose; as they stick to one mouth’s without cleaning it properly
    • Brushing of the teeth and tongue can also be used for this purpose.
  • Hadacha- washing one’s mouth out .to remove any left over diary, this can be done with water, or any other pareve liquid
    • You need to only rinse out the mouth once.
  • Washing of ones hands– Should be done, if you touched the diary food with your hands and may have residue left over on it.
    • One does not need to use soap, or wash with a cup.
    • Your fingers must be washed, the palm of your hand is not needed unless it became dirty.
  • Changing the tablecloth in order for there to be a clear separation of meat and dairy.

There is more on this topic such as hard cheese so stay tuned for the next installment!

Shabbat Shalom!


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