Lighting the Menorah

Taken from Halachah highlights by Rabbi Goldstein:

Correct time to light the Menorah:

  • Ashkenazim best time to light is at Shkia ( sunset) R’ Moshe Feinstein Ztz”L ten minutes after sunset
  • Sephardim and Chassdim- Tzeis Hakochavim when three stars are out.
  • One may light the Menorah until an hour and a quarter before sunrise, it s preferable to light when people are still out.

One should not eat before lighting the menorah and should interrupt there Torah learning in order to light at the proper time.

  • During Chanukah it is better to daven Maariv earlier then later in order to fulfill the  mitzvah of lighting candles at the right time.
  • If one is unable to light at the proper time it is best to appoint a shaliach from his household to light for him.

How should the menorah be set up?

  • In a straight line with the Shamash above all the other lights or noticeably different.
  • The candles and or oil should all be the same size.

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