Accepting Responsibility Parsha Vayigash

As heard from Rabbi Ariel Shoshan of Ahavas Torah Shul – Scottsdale, Arizona

In Parshas Vayigash we see Yosef and his brothers meeting and being aware of who Yosef is.  Yet we also see for the first time in Jewish history someone taking responsibility for their own actions.  Where do we see this, first off with Yehuda who steps up to the plate for Binyamin.   In the way he never did for Yosef,  by pleading for Yosef to keep him instead. Because, if Binyamin does not return  with the brothers, then not only will his father die of a broken heart, but Yehuda will lose his portion in the world to come.  By Yehuda taking responsibility for  what was happening with Binyamin, who was and is innocent in the whole matter, we see Yosef revealing himself to them.  We see their embarrassment at what they did in their past, but it does not stop them from understanding and knowing that they where wrong and owning up to that. 

This generation will be the generation to bring the Mashiach.  Because our desires ( the good and the bad ones) have become accessible wherever we are.  Therefore, in order to overcome them we have to overcome our embarrassment that goes along with that.


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