A quick thought on Shemos from Rashi.

At the end of the book of Bershishs  we see the Jewish people have been counted as they went down to Egypt, and their names told to us.  Now the first line in the book of Shemos  tells us again the names of the Jewish people according to their tribes. Why? The idea that I heard at a Shabbos table this week, is the following that you cannot see the stars or the moon when the sun is shining for  the most part. So when Yaackov was still alive he was considered like the sun, and it was only after he passed away that the greatness of the tribes and their descendants was able to be seen. Every person can shine, because we are each a star in our own way, don’t get disappointed or frustrated when you stand next to a sun, that person too is just a star, you will be able to shine in a different area focus on your strong points to begin with and slowly but surely you will be able to become stronger in all areas of your life.  Yaackov is likened to the sun because he was Emet and Tiferet. Which means that he brought about balance in this world by connecting the middahs of chessed and din.


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