An Idea from the Ohr Hachaim. We see that Moshe turns to Hashm and asks how could it be, that my coming has made the pain worse for my brethren? You promised me that I was here to take them out. We see from Hashm’s response that he truly feels our pain and cares about us. He responds to Moshe by first reminding him that had appeared to Avahram, Yitzchok, and Yaackov each separately in their own time due to their own merits. So he asks rhetorically how can it be that I who appeared to the forefathers of this nation do not care for them. He says I feel their pain, and I hear their voices crying out, I want to bring them out, but it is not yet the right time. It must be done in the proper way so that they can become the nation they are supposed to be. 


What does this teach us? It teaches us the more we cry out and connect to G-d the more he is invested in us. He wants to take us out, but we must first reach that pinnacle that will allow us to reach and fulfill our full potential. May we merit to see the coming of Mashiach soon and speedily in our days!


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