1. Amen

2. Brachot

3. Chinuch

3a. When to teach them certain things.

3b. When to respond amen.

4. Halacha

4a. Seasonal Topics/ Daily Halacha.

5. Hashkafa

5a. Emunah and Bitachon in a daily sense.

6. Heksherim/ Hashgachas

6a. The differences between them.

6b. What you do in special situations.

7. Holidays

8. Lashon Hara/Ahavas Yisroel

9. Refuah

10. Shabbos

10a. Practical points of the 39 melachos/Rabbinical laws.

11. Shemittah

12. Tefillah

13. Tovel

13a. What needs to be toveled?  Which material? 

13b. With or without a bracha?


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